Research Projects

1) R01: Gene mutation leading to heart disease project

— Goal: Correlate functional and structural properties to genetic variations of cardiomyocytes specific to patients who have genetic mutations known to lead to heart disease

— Impact: Understanding of structural and functional underpinnings of diseases such as cardiomyopathies, and identification of genes

2) Pollution project

— Goal: Investigate the effect of pollution from various sources on cardiac function

— Impact: Establishing a methodology that would allow atmospheric scientists to understand the impact of the pollution they collect and characterize on cardiac health

3) Structure Function project


— Goal: Establish (experimentally and through models) the relationship between global architecture of cardiac tissues and contractility

— Impact: Understanding the consequences of changes in architecture during heart disease and a way to better understand and characterize deficiencies in stem-cell   derived cardiac tissues


4) Metrics project

— Goal: Establish metrics to characterise cardiac tissue architecture

— Impact: These metrics will allow us to quantitatively analyze cardiac tissues which are influenced by various experimental conditions

5) Modeling project (structure)

— Goal: Establish a whole cardiac tissue self-assembly model

— Impact: Such modeling will lead to better understanding of the experimental results in the above projects

6) Modeling project (function) – quantitative portion of project (3)

— Goal: Establish a model of cardiac contractility as a function of architecture

— Impact: This will lead to a better and fuller understanding of cardiac tissue function

Building synergy between in vitro and in silico models